30. jan, 2021

Brugse meesters 2021 ... in de hoop dat de sanitaire situatie het toelaat !

Ik schreef me in voor de reeks U1800 en het toernooi gaat door onder strikte Covid regels. 115 inschrijvingen voor de U1800. Via de toernooi-site kunt u desgewenst de topborden van het Belgisch kampioenschap en ook alle uitslagn van de 3 toernooien volgen.

No blitz tournament

It is not possible to organise a Covid safe blitz tournament for a lot of people. So, no blitz tournament this year, sorry!
For those wanting to enjoy a chill game of chess, we will propose an alternative for the Wednesday evening.

COVID-19 measures

9 rounds, all participants spread over 2 tournaments, as originally scheduled.
We will keep the tournaments separated in space: the closed tournament and the open tournament will play on the ground floor. The U1800 tournament will play on the first floor. That way, we will have 2 events.

Important Covid measures during the tournament:

  • Wearing a face mask is an obligation, also when playing.

  • The players have to remain seated during the game, except for going to the toilet or to get a snack or a drink.

  • Try to keep 1.5 meters distance at all time.

  • Wash your hands often.

  • Don't come to the playing venue when you have been ill in the 5 days before the tournament or when you feel ill during the tournament. In that case, you should inform the organisers.

  • No spectators/visitors allowed.